Sauna Rentals Near Boston

It’s odd to me that saunas haven’t really become mainstream in Boston and the rest of New England. Our winters are pretty similar to Finland. If you’ve tried an authentic sauna you know how much of a godsend it can be in the dead of a cold winter. I guess New Englanders are just more into hot tub life?


Investing Another $900 into my Mobile Sauna Trailer

I bought a 6×12 deck-over aluminum trailer for $500 only to realize it needed new everything; spending $1,723 on 2 new axles, 4 new leaf springs, and 4 new wheels for a total of $2,223 invested. Now I’m realizing I need to invest another $900 to make it road worthy. It’s not the end of the world because a deck-over aluminum trailer this size would be at least $4,000.

Update: The trailer is back and the repair ended up costing only $622. Big shout out to Woodward’s in Brockton MA!